About Us

Viaquenti Preschool opened its doors in 2008 at our first location on Newark Avenue in downtown Jersey City (Viaquenti The Village). At first Viaquenti Preschool had two classrooms for children 2–5 years. We began offering a bilingual education to our students in 2010, which began with morning programs where we incorporated Spanish into the lessons. We quickly grew and by 2010 had added our third classroom, allowing us to offer early preschool, preschool, and pre-K classes. In 2013 we then began our Spanish immersion after school programs and greatly increased the level of Spanish that was being offered. Over the years we had many families from the community join us and we grew to capacity at our school.

In March of 2015, we relocated to a new location on Jersey Avenue (Viaquenti Soho West) and officially changed our name to Viaquenti Academy. With more space available at our new location we were now able to offer classes for children from 3 months up to Kindergarten.


Our mission is to develop internationally-minded students who are actively engaged in learning and working for a better world.

Our goal is for preschool students to be excited about learning and, using the inquiry method, they will set challenging goals for themselves and remain motivated to achieve them. These internationally-minded students work towards developing innovative ideas that will benefit local communities and global societies. This will make the world a better place. Students are exposed to cultures from around the world developing open-minded global citizens.


Our vision is to develop preschool students into global citizens who strive to further their education and knowledge of the world around them. Our students are taught using an innovative curriculum based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory and Project Based Approach. They are future leaders and can work to achieve a more accepting and peaceful world. One in which we work together to engage issues and ideas with both local and global significance. We strive to develop students who are actively engaged in their own learning and choose to explore new ideas and strategies through learning. They take on the responsibility of their own learning while keeping an open mind to accept and understand the opinions and ideas of others.


Our philosophy at Viaquenti Academy is that we understand that every learner has different ways of relating to new knowledge. We are all different, and assimilate and interpret information differently. At Viaquenti Academy, we welcome different types of learners and are committed to offering an inclusive educational environment. We give priority to the development of a learner’s self and personality rather than any specific content area. We know that building a solid foundation on personal interests allows individuals to develop agency and fulfill their full potential. Educating motivated and active learners is the cornerstone of creating future entrepreneurs who will innovate and make a meaningful contribution to our local and global community.

Our lessons are designed to accommodate different type of learners. We offer alternatives for visual and auditory information. As a bilingual school we promote understanding across languages and illustrate content through multimedia tools. Viaquenti Academy will provide learners with multiple options for comprehension by using visualization, highlighting patterns, critical features, and manipulating objects in order to maximize understanding of concepts.

Viaquenti Academy varies the teaching methods to accommodate each learner by optimizing the usage of tools and assistive technologies.

Viaquenti Academy guides students with appropriate goal-setting, at the same time supporting planning and strategic development. Cultivating individual choice and autonomy is paramount to Viaquenti Academy's educational mission. We instill important human values that will foster collaboration and community. Viaquenti Academy's students develop self-assessment and reflection that facilitates personal coping skills and strategies that will ultimately optimize motivation for excellence.